Replaying Assassin's Creed III; Will conquer Dragon Age: Origins soon; Maybe I'll finish Watch Dogs in the next century.
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“Honor does not preclude tactics, and glory is not won through foolishness.

The legendary training of the chevaliers at the Academie des Chevaliers in Val Royeaux is harsh, instilling in its knights a fierce discipline and code of honor that surpasses even value in their own lives. The chevaliers are said to be fearless and their loyalty to the empire absolute. The penalty for dishonor is death, something a chevalier should welcome if he or she has failed the order.


I’ve always associated these two photos of mine together, they compliment each other.


Smoke Thrusters is the ability to glide through the air by using smoke. - This power allows gliding over a great distance by shooting smoke and fire out of the hands. It can also be used after the user shoots oneself into the air, gaining more height and the capability to glide much further.